You've been asking yourself...
What am I meant to do?
How do I know what path to take?
You’ve felt something from deep within beckoning you to leave behind the mundane. 

To answer the call in your heart … To be free. To pursue what brings you joy. To share your gifts. To feel more alive. To breathe deeply. To slow down. To take it all in.

What's your heart calling for???

Whatever it is… you're hearing the call - louder and louder every day - because it is time!
It’s time to bring that dream into the forefront. 
To give it the space to expand into reality.

It’s time for you to give yourself the gift of
a life well-lived.

My name is Meagan Ruppert and I'm a Feminine Purpose + Mindset Mastery Coach, and I'd love to take your hand and show you how to do that...

How to bring your vision to life. How to get on purpose. How to be unstoppable. How to make your dreams your reality and leave behind the struggle.

The pathway to having everything you’ve ever desired lays inside of you and
it’s time to dust off everything that has hid the pathway
from your consciousness so that you can
get on your Path of Purpose and live into your greatest vision.

It’s time. And this is the answer:

Path of Purpose Mystery School is a yearlong deep dive into YOU.

A comprehensive program that gives you the tools and support to unlock the knowledge that's inside of you so that you can reveal your unique pathway to fulfilling your mission - your purpose - and confidently living a life of joy and prosperity.


Whether you’ve been on your spiritual path for 17 years or are just starting out - this program gives you simple processes that have profound impact.

This isn’t just about “knowing” what to do - it’s about living it.

Path of Purpose Mystery School challenges you to live into your fullest potential.

It's designed to not only give you what you want, but to teach you what you need so that you can easily shift the way you show up for your life and the way your life shows up for you.

How does Path of Purpose Mystery School Work?

Home Study
Live Support

The lessons are delivered in modules that contain easy-to-follow training videos, workbooks, and resource lists. All of the course content is hosted in our member’s only online hub that is easily accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, 24/7.


Path of Purpose Mystery School also includes interactive components through Livestreams, Q+A Calls, member’s only Facebook Sisterhood, Accountability Teams, Challenges + Contests, Office Hours where Meagan provides you with real-time support, and daily coaching in the Facebook Sisterhood to ensure that you take consistent action and receive the highest value from your investment.


Who is Path of Purpose Mystery School for?

If you want to learn a simple, yet powerful way to radically transform your life for the long term by letting go of old patterns, beliefs and resistance, to feel confident that you are on the right path and taking the right steps forward, then Path of Purpose Mystery School is right for you.

Ideal sisters generally fall into 1 of 2 categories:

The Awakening Woman

You’ve recently experienced a spiritual awakening or are going through it now. Your life is quickly changing, the synchronicities keep piling up, you desire to be around more like minded people who “get” what you are going through, and and are looking for a deeper understanding of what to do next.

The Seasoned Spiritual Seeker

You’ve been on this path for a while, you’re familiar with spiritual concepts, you’ve read the books, attended workshops, and perhaps are even a spiritual guide of sorts (or aspiring to be one). Yet, you’re looking for more consistent results and are ready for exponential growth.

What's the investment?

The investment for Path of Purpose Mystery School - 12 months of training, support and accountability -
for early-action takers is $1777 (enroll before October 11, 2017) and $2270 after that.

We offer a convenient monthly payment plan, $177 per month for 12 months for early action takers (before October 11, 2017) and $227 per month for 12 months after that.


When you enroll in Path of Purpose Mystery School, you’ll also
receive a special delivery in the mail
that contains goodies for you on your new journey:

The Path of Purpose Mystery School Guidebook
A Full-Color Spiral Bound Workbook To Accompany Your Journey


Oracle Cards
​​​​​​​Your very own deck of Meagan’s favorite cards that you can use to gain a deeper understanding and directive whenever you need it


Ritual Tote
​​​​​​​Hand selected items to use in creating your sacred space


Healing Crystal​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​A crystal, chosen specifically for the Path of Purpose Mystery School student to bring clarity, improve your energetic flow, clear fear-based emotions and to amplify your manifestation abilities.


I AM: Unstoppable
Value $197
Radically Grow Your Confidence To Pursue The Life You Desire; A 5-Day Bootcamp
I AM: On Purpose
Value $197
If you’re afraid of what others may think, stop here. Read no further. If some of your ideas have lost their energy to fear, then please leave this page. Life doesn’t happen in sound bites… unless, of course, you’re talking to Seth Godin.
Radical Shift!
Value $997
6-Week Course to break your patterns and radically shift the way you experience life.
The Feminine Purpose Masterclass
Value $297
10+ Hours of  Practical Training and Expert Guidance to Get On Purpose, Empowered and To Become Unstoppable With Successful Women Entrepreneurs
Path of Purpose Virtual Group VIP Day
Value $333
5 Hour Live Virtual Deep Dive with Meagan Into Unlocking Your Purpose + Mission. Includes hotseat coaching and Q+A sessions.
2 Tickets To The Path of Purpose Retreat 
3-Day In Person Event - Value $297 Each
Prepare yourself for a weekend of exponential growth, spiritual healing, purposeful inspiration and networking with purposeful influencers.
Awakened Goddess Entrepreneur Training Series
Value $297
Prepare yourself for a weekend of exponential growth, spiritual healing, purposeful inspiration and networking with purposeful influencers.
Conscious Entrepreneur Virtual Summit
Value $297
Prepare yourself for a weekend of exponential growth, spiritual healing, purposeful inspiration and networking with purposeful influencers.

$3,200+ Total Bonus Value!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m really excited! When do we start?

The program begins on October 19th!

How do I know this program is right for me?

I'd ask you to check in with your heart. Is this program "speaking" to you - does is connect and feel like it would be a good next step? If the answer is YES, then that IS your answer. Trust your heart. There are no wrong decisions.

A year is a long time. Can I just do it for a couple of months?

We live in a world of instant gratification and time goes so fast these days, it’s hard to fathom at times. Your growth requires an investment - and time is a valuable investment. You’ll absolutely see shifts within yourself within a short amount of time, but my goal is give you the tools and support to make those shifts LAST. It takes 4 years to get a degree and this will give you more than a degree could ever give you, in a quarter of the time!

I’ve got a really busy schedule. I don’t know if I’ll have the time to do this.

As a new mom and a business owner, I get it! As women, we tend to put the needs of everyone ahead of ourselves, and frankly, it’s not helping you OR those you are putting first because no one gets the best of you if you aren’t filling your cup up first. The beauty of this program is that one of the first things you will do is design your schedule in a way that feels amazing and that allows you to give the best of you to all the things you care about - even if you work a demanding job.

I’d love to do this but I just can’t afford it. Do you have something cheaper?

Investing in yourself is scary AF if you’ve never done it before (hell, even if you’ve done it, it can still be scary!). The truth is that anything worth doing is going to cost something and sometimes you’ve got to just trust that if you take the leap of faith, that the universe will provide. One client cancelled her cable so she could invest. The day after she signed up, someone paid off her car for her. Another client wanted to join because she was ready to give up over drinking and embrace her gifts, so she looked at her monthly spending, and realized that if she stopped putting her money into her vice, she’d have more than enough to make the monthly payments.

My point is: if there is a will, there's a way. And that’s why I offer a payment plan, early action discounts and a wealth of bonuses - you’re getting so much for the investment, you’ll likely look back and giggle to yourself.

I already know a lot about spirituality, personal development, mindset, law of attraction, etc.
What's different about this course?

The fact that you're reading this page tells me something really important - you are looking for answers because something isn't clicking. It's one thing to know the concepts, even enough to be able to teach them to someone else. But it's a completely differently thing to live them. If you are frustrated with the results you're getting in your life, despite a vast knowledge of spiritual growth techniques and personal development, than this program will make a difference for you because you will get held accountable to do the work consistently and you'll receive the support and coaching to re-calibrate if something isn't working for you.

Many of our students have been on their path of personal development and/or spirituality for a long time but weren't where they thought they should be with the experience they had. After enrolling, these clients experienced exponential growth because they were able to make some subtle, yet profound tweaks to their practice and it made all the difference. You can hear their stories here.

How do I know this program works?

You can read stories and watch interviews with our members right here.

I have other questions that you’ve not addressed here. Can I speak to someone?

Absolutely! Click here to message my team and we’ll chat you back immediately (between 10a-8p ET) or first thing in the morning.

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